7 Terms With Meanings That May Surprise You

There are many terms made up of common words that take on a new meaning in the home improvement industry. Below are some of our favorites. Liquid Gold Colloquial industry jargon for firestop products that consist, in large part, of silicone foam.   Needle Glazing The application of a small bead of sealant @ the sight … Continue reading 7 Terms With Meanings That May Surprise You

In the Headlines: Our Favorite Red Devil Features

We believe that our company and products are great, but it's always nice to hear what others think too. We love when people choose to highlight what we are doing as a company and we are even more thrilled when someone likes our products enough to recommend them to others. Below is a compilation of … Continue reading In the Headlines: Our Favorite Red Devil Features

Three Quick Fall Projects

Do you have a few hours this weekend to complete three quick home projects that will make a difference in the look of your home? Take the time to address unsightly cracks and holes in three key areas of your home. These projects are quick and easy but can noticeably upgrade your home.   Address … Continue reading Three Quick Fall Projects

Lightweight Spackling Innovation Leader

Home Improvement Executive Magazine has named Red Devil as the Innovation Leader in Lightweight Spackling for our Onetime® Lightweight Spackling product. Below are a few things we’re sure the judges and our customers love about our Onetime® Lightweight Spackling. Light, Smooth and Easy to Use This product has been a favorite of both Pros and … Continue reading Lightweight Spackling Innovation Leader

September Home Checklist: Exterior Projects

Last month we took care of the interior home projects, now it's time to tackle these outdoor projects while there's still time.   Check for Pests. September is a great time to survey your home for any potential entry points or signs of pests. Most cracks around doors, windows and vents can be sealed using … Continue reading September Home Checklist: Exterior Projects

August Home Checklist: Indoor Projects

Although August is almost over, there's plenty of time to knock some of the below indoor projects off your to-do list and prepare for the cooler weather. Create Your Back to School Organization Plan. Now that the school session is right around the corner, begin thinking of things you may need to do to make … Continue reading August Home Checklist: Indoor Projects