In the Headlines: Our Favorite Red Devil Features

We believe that our company and products are great, but it's always nice to hear what others think too. We love when people choose to highlight what we are doing as a company and we are even more thrilled when someone likes our products enough to recommend them to others. Below is a compilation of … Continue reading In the Headlines: Our Favorite Red Devil Features


Lightweight Spackling Innovation Leader

Home Improvement Executive Magazine has named Red Devil as the Innovation Leader in Lightweight Spackling for our Onetime® Lightweight Spackling product. Below are a few things we’re sure the judges and our customers love about our Onetime® Lightweight Spackling. Light, Smooth and Easy to Use This product has been a favorite of both Pros and … Continue reading Lightweight Spackling Innovation Leader

How to Repair Tiny Thumb Tack Holes in Your Wall

So you just got a brand spanking new apartment and you are all excited to paint your walls the color that best expresses you. Then you spot some tiny wall buzz-killers called thumb tack holes and all seems lost. These nearly microscopic holes occur when thumbtacks or small push pins are used to hang pictures or posters. Fortunately, these types of holes can be easily repaired and blended into the surrounding wall so you can paint with confidence. All you need is a finger, some lightweight spackling, and a damp rag!