Home Improvement Solutions Every Homeowner Should Know

As homeowners, it seems that we have to tackle one problem after another. Well FIX IT Home Improvement has made things a little easier on us by releasing their new book. This book is packed with information to help you deal with issues both inside and outside of your home. Scroll below to read a … Continue reading Home Improvement Solutions Every Homeowner Should Know


How to Choose the Right Caulk For the Right Project

There are an overwhelming amount of different caulks out there and choosing the right one for the right job can be a little difficult. Here is a quick guide to eliminate the stress and help you to pick the perfect caulk for your project. In case you were wondering, caulks generally have two main functions. … Continue reading How to Choose the Right Caulk For the Right Project

Tips & Tricks: The Trick to Fixing a Poor Spackling Job

If a previous spackling job left you with rough edges or an unblended texture, you can remedy this by using a drywall sander. A hand held sander is a grip-able applicator that you can set sand paper on for smoothing out surfaces. You will want to use 100-grit sandpaper to level out really rough, high-level spots and use 200-grit sandpaper (which has a more even, gentle distribution of grit) to smooth out the texture. 

Must-do Fall Projects

Forget spring cleaning! Detox the stress from all of your leftover home improvement projects before the holidays and rest easy. Get out your check list and take note of some of the projects below that may have slipped your mind. Replace your Windows You may need to trade out your old, inefficient single layer windows … Continue reading Must-do Fall Projects

DIY Pet Bed Projects to Try

In honor of pet gratitude, the best DIY pet bed projects have been gathered for your convenience and enjoyment. Show your sassy cat or loyal dog the love with these pampering crafts! The best part is many of them recycle or repurpose previously used furniture and accessories. Factors like time investment required, supplies needed, and source … Continue reading DIY Pet Bed Projects to Try