May is a great month to paint the exterior of your home. Below are three tips to help you paint like a Pro.


Keep An Eye on the Thermostat

The optimal temperature range for paint can vary depending on the paint brand and type. Temperature will affect how well the paint binds together, which reduces cracking and peeling. Most pros will tell you that it’s best to apply latex paint between 50o-85o and oil-based paint between 40 degree – 90 degree F. Humidity matters too. Your paint will dry best if the humidity is 40% to 70%. If you’re painting on a sunny day, be sure to remember that the temperature on a sunny surface may be higher than what’s forecasted. Try to organize your time so that the side of the house you’re painting is in the shade.


Take Time to Prep

Be careful not to get in a rush and skip straight to painting. The level of prep work done at the beginning could make or break this project so it is imperative to correctly prep your surfaces. Check the outside side of your home for any chipped paint and holes. Remove stubborn chipped paint with a scraper that lengthens easily, like Red Devil’s Pole Scraper. Also fill any holes or gaps with a product like Red Devil’s LIFETIME® Ultra Premium Acrylic Sealant to protect the exterior of your home from the elements.


Check the Forecast

If it has rained recently, be sure to check your surfaces to make sure they’re dry before you paint. A good rule of thumb is to wait at least one day after it has rained to allow the exterior of your home to fully dry. Porous surfaces like wood or masonry may require a little longer of a dry time.

Remember direct contact with moisture is not the only way your surfaces can become wet, dew from the night before can affect your paint success.


—Are you a pro with tips of your own?  Contact us here to share your knowledge or comment below.Do you have questions about your home improvement project? Connect with us here or comment below to receive help from one of our pros.

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