Forget spring cleaning! Detox the stress from all of your leftover home improvement projects before the holidays and rest easy. Get out your check list and take note of some of the projects below that may have slipped your mind.

Replace your Windows

You may need to trade out your old, inefficient single layer windows for a double paned, filled, or spaced window. This will increase your savings on the heating bill for winter and increase overall comfort.


Paint your Exteriors

Paint is very sensitive to extreme temperatures so it’s a good idea to get any crucial exterior painting done before the weather dips too low. Any applications at 50 degrees or below is not recommended as it can disrupt the texture, tint, or dry time of oil-based and latex paints. If you’ve recently painted an exterior, it might be a good idea to add an extra coat or perhaps a weather-proof sealant to ensure protection against seasonal snow, ice, and wind damage.


Repair your Roof

You will want to take care of those roof leaks before winter hits or else ice damming may occur. Ice damming is the build up of ice to the point where an obstruction against water movement is created. This trapped water can lead to ceiling and roof damages, mold and mildew, and higher heating bills as the water compromises the insulation.


Power Wash your Exterior and Windows 

Mold and mildew is attracted to grime and bacteria so it’s best to power wash your exteriors thoroughly before the weather gets too extreme for you to be outside.


Seal Gaps and Add Insulation 

Prevent the cold drafts that are starting to drift in by sealing or re-sealing your walls, doors, and windows and adding insulation to the attic. This will also save money on your heating/energy bills.


Have your Furnace Checked Out

An inefficient furnace could lead to a frozen or damaged pipe which could affect your overall fuel supply. Not to mention, if the furnace gets messed up, you’re going to be without heat or basic comfort. Really, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stay on top of this.


Wash your Carpeting

Deep cleaning your carpet in early fall is ideal because you will avoid having to ventilate the drying carpet and your home under extreme conditions such as hot, stifling air or winter-chilled, freezing wind.


Clean and Repair your Gutters

Your gutters are what guide excess water and debris away from your precious home so it’s important that you make sure they are in tip-top shape before winter ice damming or ice leaks can occur.


Repair your Driveway and Walkways

The compression of the cold that is arriving will only serve to expand or further mutate existing cracks. This is unsightly, inefficient, and dangerous so get it taken care of as soon as possible.


Winter-proof your Sprinkler System

Just as the winter cold has the potential to damage internal furnace pipes, the exterior sprinkler pipes are in danger of being damaged. Have your sprinkler professional winter-proof your sprinkler system with hose bibs.



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