So you’re strolling along your driveway, minding your own business, when the sole of your shoe catches a slick sheet of ice and you end up on the other side of town with a bad headache and a heart bent on retribution (Old man winters has it coming!). Okay, so maybe tripping up on a bit of ice isn’t the end of the world, but it this winter characteristic along with other cold-weather perils, can be a safety hazard and major irritation. Below, a continuation of winter woes and prevention tips is listed.


Snow Laden or Icy Sidewalks & Driveways

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Obviously, you can’t expect to prevent snow or ice from occurring naturally (and if you can, I salute you, because you are most likely an X-Men), but you can prepare your walkways to some extent to tolerate the inevitable elements. To start, fix small damages, like cracks or chipping, from freezing rain and snow before they morph into serious destruction. It’s also a good idea to start sealing your sideways and porch steps as early as possible, using a quality masonry & concrete acrylic sealant. Sealing maintenance extends the life of your concrete walkways as it fills in the porous openings that can absorb water, which can freeze and cause damage.  When winter precipitation occurs, avoid using sodium chloride/salt to melt down the snow as this will also damage the underlying concrete. Instead use calcium chloride which gets the job done damage-free.


Winter Storms

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As mentioned in the previous section, you can’t actually prevent a storm at its source, but you can be extra prepared for spontaneous, hindering winter storms with a survival kit. This survival kit should have quantities pertaining to about three to four days of health, comfort, and safety. In addition, the kit should include a working radio, water, medicine, food, seasonal items (blanket, flashlight, long pajamas, etc.), as well as entertainment (books, cards, board games, etc.). It’s best to keep this kit dry, as portable as possible, and updated throughout the year.



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