With the chilly weather blowing in and the rich, color transformation of the leaves, it’s finally starting to feel like Fall. This means more sweater shopping, heavy jackets, hot cocoa, and of course, spending all day by the toasty fireplace with a trashy novel. It’s best not to put off updating and polishing your fireplace because you never know when you might need a warm picker upper or, perhaps, an effective way to get rid of that possessed Ouija board. Read on for some simple tweaks that will make your fireplace the heart of your home again.


Repair your Firebrick Mortar





With the rapid temperature changes it is exposed to, overtime the mortar can deteriorate and fall apart. In addition to not being a very pretty sight, this leaves bricks open to damages and overall hearth integrity weakness. To set things straight, get a mortar compound similar in makeup to the current mortar (this can be achieved by having a mason specialist come in and analyze), chisel and wash out the old or damaged mortar, fill in the gaps with your mortar compound, brush off excess mortar compound, and let dry.

Install a New Mantel




Believe or not, you don’t have to be stuck with your old school mantel forever. There are plenty of modern styles available as well as salvaged mantels that can be refurbished. It’s just a matter of assembling the mantel pieces, dry fitting it to your fireplace, then securing the cleats. The hardest part will be picking out just one mantel style. Have fun!

Frame your Hearth with Tile





It can make a big difference in the overall hearth composition just to add some tile as a transition between the carpet or rug. This also frames and draws the eye to your hearth. There are many styles of tile to choose from but remember to choose a durable one that can withstand the heat.

Tile, Stone, or Granite the Fireplace Surround





This is for the overachievers out there.  A coat of fresh paint and some gloss may do the trick, but if you want to go the full mile, you can completely tile the fireplace surround. But please keep in mind that this is expensive, time consuming, and may require the help of a professional so this isn’t exactly a simple fix. It’s a great option, if you like the look of stone-veneer or granite-slab fireplace surrounds as well.

Install a Gas Fireplace




This will cut down on the amount of tending and cleanup you need to do exponentially as well as maintain overall room temperature. It’s a dramatic change but it just might be what you need to make your fireplace the ultimate family hangout setting.

Add a Fireplace Insert





This is another option for maintaining room temperature efficiency. An installed fireplace insert will prevent furnace-heated air from escaping.

Add a Mantel Pine Board




Warm up a drab fireplace with wood board accents and accessories. It will also give the living area a more natural, cozy appeal.



Are you a pro with tips of your own?  Contact us here to share your knowledge or comment below.

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