In honor of pet gratitude, the best DIY pet bed projects have been gathered for your convenience and enjoyment. Show your sassy cat or loyal dog the love with these pampering crafts! The best part is many of them recycle or repurpose previously used furniture and accessories. Factors like time investment required, supplies needed, and source material are provided.


(image owned by Handimania) 



Time Investment: Low

Supplies: Scissor, thread, needle, measure meter, pins, pillow, used sweater, and a piece of blanket.

It doesn’t get much simpler or lazier than sewing an old sweatshirt onto a pillow. This is thrifty, fun, and easy enough that you’ll be left wondering why this hasn’t become an international craft phenomenon that outfits everyone with a chill cushion, from squirrels to endangered tigers.


( image owned by



Time Investment: Very low. Like, seriously, it’s an old drawer bottom and a rolled up blanket.

Supplies: Old drawer bottom. Rolled up blanket. It’s getting redundant now. Oh wait, actually a hand sander might do the trick on some of those rough edges. I recommend Red Devil’s coarse/medium sanding block. It can be used wet or dry and gives fast, smooth results.


If you’re ultra tight on cash, supplies, and time, this may be the pet bed for you. And it’s surprisingly quirky and cute for what little work you put into it. Just don’t get carried away with quick, cheap repurposing like this and start making tissue boxes into litter boxes or toilet paper rolls into dog toys because that would be sad….




(image owned by


Time Investment: High. It takes about an hour to set up and another hour or so to freeze up.

Supplies: Kid-size air mattress or inflatable pool toy, 32oz. rubbing alcohol, 1 bottle dish soap, 32oz. tap water, small funnel, superglue (Red Devil King Kaulk is a potent choice), and…patience (according to the source author)


It might not look that cute, but the nifty part is the cheap cooling insert. Dogs have it rough (It was really tempting to use ‘ruff’ so I deserve an award for pun restraint) in the summer as we all know with their perpetual fur coats and need a little refreshment outside of the water bowl. Indulge your pup or kitty with some much needed chill time and try this one out! 




(image owned by SalvageShack)


Time Investment: Very low.

Supplies: An old suitcase, folded blankets, small pillows, old table legs or props,  and fastening materials (again, Red Devil King Kaulk adhesive is great for these sorts of projects). 


One of the best ways to get two opposed pets to live in harmony is to get them accustomed to each other’s scent. One of the best ways to get the scent exchange going is close sleeping quarters! Bunk-bed style! This idea doesn’t have explicit instructions or a formal DIY setup but the picture is pretty explanatory. This is one step up from the blanket in a suitcase idea.  




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2 thoughts on “DIY Pet Bed Projects to Try

    1. I know! The drawer bed is such a nifty and adorable idea. Wish I had thought of it haha. No problem! Your cooling bed is such a fun, practical pet diy project. I was glad to share it. Thank you for visiting the Red Devil blog! 😀


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